Strategy Acceleration

Accelerate. Your business strategy.

Digital Goal Steering. See measurable improvement in execution and financial results.

ROI. Minimum Return of Investment of 330%

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Get instant visibility of strategic initiative performance and progress across your entire organization at a glance.

Easily identify hurdles, plan, steer and follow-up to get a faster acceleration of your strategy.

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What Is ReExecute
Strategy Acceleration

Digital goal steering creates focus, transparency and a shared vision throughout the organisation – which also helps to increase commitment among employees.

The biggest advantage of digital goal steering is the clarity that is achieved with respect to the company’s strategic initiatives. The initiatives are broken down into proactive activities that each team needs to prioritize each week in order to achieve specific goals.

Once you have decided on WHAT you want to achieve, ReExecute will help to really get it done!

Strategic Initiatives

A strategic initiative is part of the company’s wider strategy, and often chosen by the CEO as something for the whole company to focus on. It can be a tough challenge or a unique opportunity.

Executing Strategic Initiatives should be prioritized, focusing on no more than one or two at first, instead of trying too many at the same time. Sidehill guides your implementation of ReExecute to ensure both faster execution of your initiatives as well as higher value from them.

Firewalk Sales
sales hiring and motivation

80% of all strategies fail or are considerably delayed. Companies deliver an average of 63% of the financial results that their strategy promises. Furthermore, most strategies slowly peter out.

Sidehill guides our clients to faster strategy execution with improved results with ReExecute™ from Reforce©.

We deliver RaaS (Results as a Service), visible, measurable impact for the entire organization.

ReExecute can measure, steer and visualize the acceleration from day one.

sales hiring and motivation

We realised that if we didn’t adjust to the new reality, we wouldn’t stay competitive. However, to dare to be offensive, I needed to be able to measure the result.

Jacob Tellgren, Former CEO, MSD Sweden

Now Vice President for USA & Global in charge of the diabetic area within Merck & Co. Diabetes is one of the most important therapy areas within the company and had a turnover of $6 billion last year.