The function that determines the top line of your business is unique. It is the one business function that relies on human interactions – both inside and outside of the organization – focused on creating value. Human interaction means every communication will be interpreted differently, so automated programs, mechanical processes, or scripts can’t deliver consistently better results.

Sidehill helps people grow the top line by first understanding the technologies, markets, structures, and activities that make their business unique. Then we work with individuals, teams, and allied functions to ensure each has the structure, processes, tools, and skills to accelerate revenue growth performance. From new business development and exit strategy all the way through the daily activities that must be met, Sidehill guides your team to a better way of delivering top-line results.

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Many companies struggle with consistency in their revenue & sales. We uncover what’s broken and fix the infrastructure issues so your sales systems work and your revenue grows reliably.

Stagnant sales cycles halting growth?
Inconsistent revenue worrying your team?
Seeking rapid growth?
Disappointing sales team performance?
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In a world of increasing personalization the use of pre-recorded programs and scripts can not deliver consistent results. To consistently deliver on your goals, an effective strategy originating with leadership is the essential foundation, from which processes and tools are built that generate more consistent sales.

Meet the team
Our Revenue-Driving Consultants
Jon Anderson - Chief Executive Officer

Jon began his career in Silicon Valley in the early 1980’s “Boom or Bust” period. Having always worked under heavy change requirements, Jon quickly developed the skill and passion for solving the complex challenges that keep sales organizations from performing at their best, and gained the reputation of a “sales fixer.”

Jon started Sidehill Consulting in 2009, which creates and implements sustainable and rapid growth for small and mid-sized businesses as an experienced Revenue Operations and Process Advisor, Fractional VP of Sales, and Certified Sales Leadership Trainer.

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Jon Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Charlene DeCesare - Principal Advisor

As a speaker, trainer and outsourced VP of sales, Charlene brings decades of experience helping organizations solve the complex sales execution issues that hinder consistent sales growth.

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Charlene DeCesare
Principal Advisor

Our Professionals

Each member of our team brings you at least 25 years of successful sales experience with 15 years or more of C level leadership.
We thrive guiding organizations to more rapid growth, breaking  stagnant or erratic sales cycles, and achieving more consistency in new revenue.

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sales hiring and motivation
The Sidehill Group helped us greatly improve our sales performance.

“Please accept my enthusiastic endorsement of Jon Anderson as one of the most talented sales professionals I have had the pleasure of working with during my 15 years in sales. Beyond his obvious ability to inspire confidence in customers and colleagues alike, Jon has a highly developed skill to successfully leverage business data and information resources.

Jon’s accurate and perceptive analysis of market conditions, customer needs and corporate goals consistently result in balanced product portfolio performance and margin improvement while driving top-line revenue achievement.”

Jacquie Lameira, Business Intelligence Analyst

Pall Life Sciences

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Hire Jon to speak at your next event, and benefit from our extensive knowledge and insight gained from his wide industry experience and deep sales and business development leadership.

Every presentation is customized to the unique objectives of your organization, participants, and purpose of the gathering.

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