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Accelerate Strategy Execution and Consistency in Revenue Growth

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About us
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Sidehill grows business.

We partner with firms that seek purpose-driven growth. We deliver the strategies, processes, tools, and implementation guidance that assure our clients achieve their mission. We believe that people contribute their best in a business environment where revenue is secure and growth is assured.

When these conditions are present, people contribute their best work and bring that mindset home, happier, inspiring others to achieve the same positive outlook and forward momentum. What could be better than that?

Our core values

Our core values of Compassion, Integrity, Authenticity, Independence, and Respect are the foundation of every decision, every interaction, every hint of advice we deliver. We also know the only constant is change. Business practices, markets, buyer behavior, culture, and human needs and desires are changing – every day.

We embrace change. We study it, experience it, test it, revel in it, and have been out front driving change for over 30 years. When your business is ready for something new, something different, something better that will support the next generation – or the next 10 generations – of your team, call us. We’re here to make sure you get there.

sales strategy
Growth in revenue in year 1
Growth in subsequent years
Total new revenue in the first year
Sidehill Consulting
Revenue-Growth Framework
Dig deep into your organization’s
Develop structures, systems, and processes
aligned with company goals.
Put the right people in
the right positions.
Develop and Certify Sales
Integrate teams and implement
continuous skills improvement.
Grow sustainable,
forecastable revenue.
Align company goals with
revenue growth goals.
Our Process
Step #

Request a consultation.


Identify where you’re getting off-track in all areas – not just sales.


Create a program that accelerates your strategic execution and growth goals.


Consistently hit strategic objectives and revenue targets, and grow, year over year.

Request A Consultation
We Focus On
Fractional Sales Leadership

Free yourself to run other parts of your business by adding the experience of a proven Sales Leadership executive to your team for the amount of time you need them each week. Our advisors all have 25+ years in proven sales experience, with at least 15 in successful leadership roles.

Train and enhance selling skills

Once your team understands the strategy and has the processes and tools to maximize execution, keep their skills sharp with the world-class selling skills that consistently drive goal-exceeding performance.

Strategy Acceleration

When it’s time for a new approach, Sidehill provides CEO’s and owners of key initiatives the insights and structure to consistently deliver key strategic initiatives faster and with improved results.

Revenue Operations Advisory

Our expert advisor brings their 15+ years of Sales Leadership to your team. Working side by side with your existing sales leadership, we revise and rebuild revenue operations strategy, structure, and processes so that sales teams can deliver more growth revenue, more consistently.

Certified Sales Leader (CSL)™

Most sales managers learn to become great leaders over time through trial and error – and mostly error. In an intensive 4 day program, our Certified Sales Leader (CSL)™ training program provides your sales leaders the experience of over 120 VP’s of Sales, each with over 15 years of successful sales leadership experience.

Increase Business Value

Whether your business is a start-up entering growth mode, you are approaching a transition, or have just completed reorganization, Sidehill develops the strategies, structure, and processes your organization needs to maximize value and achieve consistent, reliable growth for years to come.

Hire A Sales Fixer

We solve your unique sales problems by conducting an organization-wide. Strategy review and revenue operation assessment. We build customized sales systems and processes that align human capital with your new structure for consistent revenue growth.

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