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The Firewalk Sales System helps owners, CEOs, and sales teams to increase sales through hands-on sales training and advisory services.

The Firewalk Sales System is a relationship-based sales guidance approach that takes you from transactional to transformational.

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Firewalk Sales is relationship-based, B2B sales training and guidance.

Our approach is both perceptive and prescriptive, so you better connect with your ideal customers, grow faster, and enjoy doing it.

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Firewalk Sales
Mindset: Mindset is the critical foundation.

It will determine the success or failure of everything else you put in place. This is one of the reasons Firewalk Sales is uniquely focused on principles instead of scripts. Learn how to internalize your unique value, the mission of the business, and the needs of your ideal customers. Clear the head trash so the sales effort is much more authentic, way easier, and very powerful.

Message: Messaging, emails, voicemails, presentations, and proposals

Marketing and sales need to work in lockstep, so that you build authentic connections, maximize engagement, and optimize the sales cycle. It’s no longer as simple as “dialing for dollars.”

How you communicate with clients and prospects matters more now than ever. Through a very hands-on approach, you will learn what to say (and what to never say) to accelerate sales and build better connections.

Method: Firewalk Sales will walk you through a multi-channel, multi-touch approach to lead engagement, follow up, and closing business.

If you have a process, we’ll fill some divots and make it better. If you don’t have one, we’ll help you create it. In addition to wanting revenue to scale, you want to be able to duplicate that success as you grow.

Powered by Sales Xceleration, we can also act as your VP of Sales on a fractional basis if you need someone to lead your sales team.

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Mindset: Leader, Team, Prospects


Message: Emails, Voicemails, Proposals, etc.


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Sidehill’s Guarantee
See a 10-15%+ increase in sales within 1 year.
How Do We Help?


Never be fake, icky salesy, or pushy. Get better responses, higher close rates, and shorter sales cycles by tuning in, being yourself, and making authentic, lasting, connections.

While we do teach a process, your clients will never feel “processed.”


Life is too short to feel gross about something so important. Imagine actually looking forward to sales outreach and follow up!

From the first call to the final proposal, you will experience building your business in a much more positive and energizing way.

Firewalk Sales
Strategy Acceleration


When you clear your mind, speak from your heart, and follow your gut, sales will soar. The Firewalk Sales approach feels better and works better. This unique path to increased clarity, confidence, and capacity allows you to achieve the extraordinary.

Charlene has an impressive breadth of knowledge and expertise in multiple areas. Her energy level, drive, and compassion are on display with every engagement.

Jim McKinnon

EVP @ Summit Healthcare

We’ve increased our sales by 81% since working with Charlene. She helped us build a sales process, hire competent staff to execute it and prioritize our strategic objectives. Charlene also transformed the way we qualify leads and articulate our value.

Dale Bertrand

CEO @ Fire & Spark