Certified Sales Leader (CSL)™

Most sales leaders learn to be great through trial and error – and mostly error. Developed and delivered by expert sales leaders with over 1,000 collective years of C-Level experience, Sidehill’s Certified Sales Leadership™ training from Sales Xceleration© is the only independent Sales Leadership certification program in the US that upgrades your sales managers to Certified Sales Leaders. In one intensive 3.5 day course, your managers build the skills in advanced communication, data analysis, sales strategies and coaching that would otherwise take years to accumulate.

The program and its benefits include a guarantee of a 10-15% increase in sales within the first year.

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A Sales manager who possesses the tools and leadership skills to exceed your goals – proving a considerable return on your investment.
Your sales manager’s mindset so they see the ‘big picture’ view vs. just the final output. This allows your sales managers to transform into sales leaders who are focused on overall corporate objectives, sales rep improvement, and sales department success.
True excellence in your processes, tracking measuring, messaging, and coaching for new client acquisitions and existing client growth.
Course Content
Course content covers the following topics
Creating an Environment of
Sales Success
Understanding Your Client
Defining the Sales Strategy
Company and Individual Business Plans
Getting the Best From Your Sales Team
Improving Poor Performance
Coaching Mindset/Culture
Sales Team Meeting
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
One-on-One Meetings
Sidehill’s Guarantee
See a 10-15%+ increase in sales within 1 year.
The Sales Leadership Training Program that is Guaranteed to Pay for Itself!

The Certified Sales Leader (CSL)™ designation is the country’s most comprehensive sales leadership certification program offered. This sales leadership training and certification program delivers guaranteed improvement in sales results, confidence and optimism to your sales leadership team, consistency in growth and forecasting your entire organization can trust.

Sales Leadership Assessment
This rigorous sales leadership training and certification program prepares leaders with the analytical, tactical, and strategic sales management skills needed to drive revenue growth now and into the future.

The CSL training program by Sales Xceleration©, is focused on expanding the skill set of a Sales Manager by providing them knowledge, coaching, techniques and tools to lead their sales team now and into the future.

The program is delivered by experienced Sales Leaders who have over 25+ years of proven sales growth experience and are both CSL and CSL course facilitation certified.

After certification, your company will have a qualified Sales Leader that can drive sales, lead the team, have the tools needed to implement change and build a solid foundation for driving revenue growth.