Revenue Operations

Solve the structural issues that prevent your organization from consistently achieving growth goals.

Revenue Operations engages all of the functions and behaviors necessary to attract, win, and retain  clients, and grow revenue consistently.

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What We Do
Revenue Operations Strategy
Sales Process Design and Implementation
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What To Expect
In the 1st 90 days

Assess. Deep and broad assessment of your revenue generation infrastructure.


Define. A strategy for aligning the results of revenue operation activity with organization goals.


Build. Create the infrastructure required to deliver consistent sales results.


Execute: Begin Aligning people with strategy and processes and coach to maintain peak performance.

Sidehill’s Guarantee
See a 10-15%+ increase in sales within 1 year.
Assess. Discover what’s working, what’s not, and what’s missing

More than just a skills or personality review, we dig deep and wide into organization strategies, roles and incentives, processes, systems & tools, and the metrics that identify and record the target, what’s hitting it, what’s not, and what needs to be added to make sure everyone hits the target more often.

Define. To reach a new destination, you must first decide to leave where you are

Sidehill provides both clarity on the destination as well as the optimal path to get there. We’ll guide you to a strategy that delivers a top line that supports the entire organization. When the revenue team understands What to do, Why that is important, How their role contributes, and the direction to start moving, action and individual accountability align with goals to deliver successfully, consistently, and on time.

Build. Implementation: The strength of the building is only as strong as the foundation it is built on.

Sales leaders anxious to improve results often attempt to do so by sending the team to a seminar or workshop for a few days, or following preset steps from a canned selling system.

On completion, the team receives short-term boost to motivation and maybe picks up a few new ‘tricks’. Unfortunately, the impact from ‘tricks’ don’t last and are not aligned with the organization’s unique selling environment, so the short term boost fades quickly.

Sidehill delivers the custom processes that support sales teams in delivering consistent results over the short and long term.

Execute: Ideas create goals: The right activities and behaviors deliver them.

Change is the only constant, so consistent success will require continuous tuning over time. In a Fractional VP of Sales capacity, Sidehill first sets the example, then helps on-board and guide new sales leadership in how and when to tune systems, processes, and behaviors to better support consistent performance from the sales team over the long term.


“Jon is a rare individual who can grasp the context of any situation quickly, analyze it, and deliver sound business decisions.

He has a diverse exposure to many business environments lending an air of authority when relating to customers and management.

I always looked to Jon for straight-forward no nonsense advice and could count on his unquestionable integrity.”

Mike Schmitt

-Program Manager, Elliott Labs; Director of Operations, RFI.